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Located in Aurora Colorado for over 15 years

Massage Aurora has grown from providing therapeutic massage, to a wellness center focused on helping you fulfill your health and wellness goals.  We support your health, wellness, and peace of mind by offering focused therapies tailored to your needs.

Call Massage Aurora if you:

  • Need a relaxing massage at a relaxing price
  • Experience chronic illness or pain
  • Are looking for a way to maintain or improve your health
  • Deal with stresses from your work responsibilities, care of others, or daily life
  • Have recently experienced a change in your life and schedule that’s having physical effects
  • Are an athlete wanting to reduce injury or recover between events




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Tense Today, Massage Tomorrow Sessions

Marie hates letting a good session time go to waste, so random times that don't get filled are up for grabs.  Jump in and get $10 off a 60 minute session.  This is a great chance for you to pick up an extra massage this month, take advantage of some "found time", or finally get that massage you have been dreaming of.   The sessions are only available for up to 24 hours, and must be booked online.  Dates and times change constantly, so check back often.



14901 E Hampden Ave. Ste. 120
Aurora, CO  80014

Phone: 720-870-3183
Text: 303-349-5196