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CAM: 2 reasons to consider using Complementary and Alternative therapies (CAM) as part of your overall treatment plan.


We have all heard it, or said it “WELL, THAT’S WOO-WOO!” or “They are a little, you know, woo-woo”.  Since entering massage school in 2001 I have heard the term “woo-woo” and experienced the eye-roll that goes with the statement.  Those of us involved in “woo-woo” or…

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Comments on Freedom

I’m having an interesting summer.

There’s a lot of light always associated with this season for me. Eating lighter foods, wearing lighter clothes, enjoying more light in the evening. I like to lighten up the daily routine as well, doing less and en -joying the day around me.

Something that…

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Burpees Are Making Me Aware Today.

Aware of my quad, biceps and backside that is!

What are you aware of today?

My crazy fitness leader aka drill instructor (I love her!) started a new “circuit training” class that looked interesting, so I signed up.  Little did I know how aware I would soon become of my quads, biceps, backside and …

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