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            The art of touch is a subject that has become popular in the last twenty years.  Being a massage therapist and previous massage teacher, this is gratifying to see. Massage itself has blossomed into a viable avenue of health care, working well with chiropractic work, physical therapy, wor…

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Healthy Seniors: 2 Bodywork Therapies That Help You Disrupt Aging and Love Your Age

The Department of Health and Human Services is predicting that by the year 2030, 72 .1 million people, that’s 19% of the population will be 65 and older. Health, quality of life and well being will sure to be important and focused upon whether you are an active or inactive senior, a senior with he…

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An Uplifting Tea that will Make You Sparkle All Season

What was I thinking?

Of course we love the Holidays, or at least we want to love the Holidays.  We start off with great enthusiasm putting parties, lunches, shopping, and travel on our schedule only to look at it and say, “What was I thinking?”.  Backing out is …

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