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Burpees Are Making Me Aware Today.

Aware of my quad, biceps and backside that is!

What are you aware of today?

My crazy fitness leader aka drill instructor (I love her!) started a new “circuit training” class that looked interesting, so I signed up.  Little did I know how aware I would soon become of my quads, biceps, backside and oh, so much more.  What’s making you aware today?


What is “Awareness”?

According to Wikipedia, “Awareness is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events. More broadly, it is the state of being conscious of something.”

You likely know that entire months are devoted to “Awareness” of a health concern, a cause or an initiative.  Some examples are: June is Cataract Awareness Month and July is National Ice Cream Month (looking forward to that one!) and September is Pain Awareness Month (I don’t have to wait until September for that one!).  Month-long observances provide an opportunity for us to focus on an event, to become educated or to spread the word about a health concern we may personally be experiencing.

Is Social Media Destroying Awareness?

We’ve likely all chuckled at video showing someone fall into a pit or fountain on a city sidewalk, crash into a pillar at the mall, or even nearly collide with on-coming traffic because their focus and conscious attention—awareness – was strictly on their electronic device (usually a phone).  Now, I’m not against phones (I own one and it is an asset for my everyday business dealings); yet I’m not on my phone checking social media posts while I’m doing activities that require my full awareness, e.g. when I’m driving, walking or in session with a client.

An article published on the  website entitled “Facebook And Mental Health: Is Social Media Hurting Or Helping?” cites statistics, including:

“The use of Facebook and social media has grown tremendously over the past ten years. Most people who use the internet utilize social media.

  • 95% of all teens (13-17 years of age) are online.
  • 81% of online teens frequent some type of social media, up from 55% of online teens in 2006.1
  • 77% of online teens use Facebook.2
  • 74% of adult internet users use social media, compared to just 8% ten years ago.3

The time people spend on social media is substantial.

  • An estimated 28% of all time online is spent on social networking.4
  • 22% of teens log on to a social media site more than 10 times a day, and more than half of adolescents log on to a social media site more than once a day.5
  • In 2014 Facebook estimated that the average user spends 8.3 hours a month on the site.6

Read the entire article for more information:

Now, I’m not picking on Facebook, but I am curious if social media is impacting in a negative way our ability to be aware, with a detrimental effect to mental and emotional health, potentially exacerbating conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating disorders or addictions among heavy users of social media.

We will never return to a device-free world, and that’s OK, but how about a device-free day or even device-free hour to focus our awareness on the beauty around us, communicate with each other, read a book (yes, a book actually printed on real paper) or do a few burpees.  I guarantee each of these activities are definitely worth your time, and your awareness.

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