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Comments on Freedom

I’m having an interesting summer.

There’s a lot of light always associated with this season for me. Eating lighter foods, wearing lighter clothes, enjoying more light in the evening. I like to lighten up the daily routine as well, doing less and en -joying the day around me.

Something that has my attention right now is non attachment to what I get done and how that feels. Lightening the load is allowing me to focus right where I am and what’s going on around me. I make lists and don’t get them all accomplished. This is actually okay. It’s giving me more freedom not only in how I physically feel, but mentally as well. Some days I’m better at this than others, but I’m not giving up. I ask myself “how do you feel right now?” Honestly, I don’t always like my answer,but there it is. I’m getting familiar with accepting that daily living isn’t always bright and cheery. The days soar, they hum along and they crash and burn (not too many of these, thankfully). I’m grateful for the presence of mind that I am experiencing. I’m loving the freedom to look about the ordinary day and be glad.

This, right now is enough.

Maryann Kosinski, LMT, Rieki Master Teacher

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