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Meet Our Therapists

Marie Jahne

Licensed Massage Therapist, Master Herbalist, Aromatherapist.

I started my professional journey into natural and holistic therapies with massage. Then ventured out into Aromatherapy, then finally Herbalism.  As long as I can remember, I was drawn to the simple nature of these therapies, and have found them all to be effective in helping people feel better. 

I enjoy so many things from urban farming, reading, knitting, to raising a family, and am always up to learn something new.

Maryann Kosinski

Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Teacher

I have been in private practice for 27 years.  During those years I have provided massage for relaxation and injury, as well as injury recovery.

I taught massage therapy at Cottonwood School of Massage for 8 years, and Teach Reiki classes as well.

I enjoy hiking, knitting, and going to breakfast with my friends.

Beth Schroeder

Reflexologist, Biofeedback, Auricular Therapist

I am dedicated to working with people to provide rapid and sustainable relief of both pain and negative effects caused by unwanted stress. I am a is a Certified Practitioner and Instructor

Kathy Plummer

I graduated from massage school in 1995. I taught deep tissue and ran the student clinic at the massage school I went to for seven years. I have worked with Marie at Massage Aurora since 2005. Our practice has grown from two people to over four providers and it keeps growing.

My other interests include photography, especially wildlife photography. I love animals. You can find me at the state park during my lunch taking pictures.